Looking For New Suppliers

We are looking for new Suppliers

New suppliers are welcome!

If you have any products that you think will be interesting for us, please send us a mail with the details of the products.
We are serious buyers and deal with serious sellers only, we buy in big quantity and we are ready to fly over for goods inspection if needed.

We receive market offers 24/7 and are well aware of current prices, please be realistic before sending us your offer. Usually we don't respond to offers without price and quantity available.

We always keep our promises, if we confirmed the deal we'll take it 110% and if you are thinking of doing business with us same has to apply to you.

If you are sending us an offer please make sure you have included following information about the product:
- Your name, company name and contact information
- Part Number
- Offered quantity
- Condition and packaging type
- Price in USD